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    Mariner PPM 16.1 Information
  • Project & portfolio management software

    Mariner PPM helps companies organize and manage all of their projects, providing portfolio and company wide visibility and control.

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  • On-premise or Online

    Mariner PPM’s intuitive browser-based interface provides the option of on-premise or online for ease of implementation and scalability

  • Total visibility into your projects, people & costs

    With Mariner PPM creating projects, and projects portfolios, all with different project types, task based or as ad hoc work items is as easy as organizing your files on your hard drive.

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3 great reasons to use Mariner Project Portfolio Management software:

  • Fast time to value

    Your organization’s time and resources are precious. Lengthy delays in implementing a new software application can be costly, not only in terms of budget but also in relation to time, focus and resources.

    Mariner PPM is an out-of-the-box software application that can have your Project Management Office (PMO) up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • Highly configurable and customizable

    Being highly and easily configurable is a real plus for any enterprise software application. There is less reliance on expensive and time-consuming professional services engagements.

    The key to Mariner is that it is able to be customized by the user – skilled PMOs can take full control of their preferred project and portfolio structure.

  • Easy to use

    Less user support issues, means more productive time. Easier to use browser based interface, easy task and resource allocations, work items for ad hoc tasks and simple time sheets ensures greater productivity.

    Mariner PPM is highly configurable by non-technical resources.

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Full dashboard capability gives you total visibility of your project and portfolio status and health

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The power to consider all of your organization’s projects and investments in terms of the common objective:

Achieving your business goals


Mariner PPM flexibly combines project, resource, demand, financial, and application portfolio management to deliver a complete solution for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). Unlike other products, whose process workflow or bottom-up project management approaches are cumbersome and difficult to implement, Mariner PPM offers a balanced approach that ensures rapid results and sustained incremental value.

Mariner PPM goes beyond efficient project and resource management, helping you to optimize performance, evaluate initiatives based on value and build a sound portfolio of investments.


Because your management initiative will only be successful if embraced by your organization, Mariner PPM provides capabilities that ensure fast time to value and successful deployment.

MARINER Project and Portfolio Management

An integrated decision-support framework to help maximize return on investment

With Mariner PPM, creating portfolios with many different types of investments is as easy as organizing files on your hard drive. Whether you are managing initiatives, programs, projects, products, applications or services, they all draw from a limited pool of resources.

Mariner PPM helps you capture all the competing sources of demand, roll them up into a summarized view and then compare total demand to total capacity. If demand exceeds supply Mariner PPM’s portfolio analytics will help you select the best mix of investments.

A company’s projects and programs represent an enormous investment of its financial and human capital. Yet, too often, companies fail to manage projects like the investments that they are. Just as a financial portfolio balances a mix of investments like stocks and bonds to achieve an overall financial goal, Mariner PPM enables you to consider all of your organization’s investments in terms of a common objective, achieving your business goals.


Mariner PPM 16.1 GA release 28 November 2016.

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